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Pack of 30 Puppy Training Pads

Manufacturer: The Pet Store
Product Code: PETPAD2
Price: £6.45
Price (excluding VAT): £5.38
VAT Amount: £1.08
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Super Absorbent 5 Layer Structure
Locks in Moisture Keeping Your Floor and Puppy Dry
Can Be Used For Dogs of all Ages
Each Pad approx. 54cm x 54cm
Pack of 30 Training Pads

Our Puppy Training Pads are an excellent helping hand for house training puppies and dogs of all ages. With a super absorbent 5 layer structure that locks in moisture, these pads will protect your floors from accidents while your puppy becomes accustomed to the idea of not going whilst indoors. Plastic backed for protection. Size of each pad: 54cm x 54cm (approx). This Pack contains 30 training pads.

Directions for use:
• Unfold and place puppy training pad on the floor with the tissue side up.
• Always keep pad accessible to your puppy but away from their food and bed.
• Place your puppy on the training pad so they can smell the pad’s special scent, making them both familiar and comfortable with the pad.
• It is important that you keep the pad in the same area so your puppy knows where to go.
• If they do not use the pad immediately, take your puppy back several times until they are successful.
• When your puppy uses the pad, reward them with a treat or enthusiastic praise.
• Once the indoor training is complete, gradually move the training pad closer to the door, then outside of the house.
• When training pad has been used, it should be discarded. Pad to be thrown away with normal household waste, do not flush down a toilet.
• Replace with a new pad as often as required, as toilet training can take weeks.
• Ideal training times can be; after a meal and drinking water, as well as at bedtime and upon awakening.
• Keep away from children.