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Double Door Dog Crate (Medium)

Manufacturer: Green Jem
Product Code: PCRT2
Price: £66.95
Price (excluding VAT): £55.79
VAT Amount: £11.16
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Made from High Quality Steel
Easy removable tray for cleaning
Simple, no tool assembly
Folds flat for easy storage
Approx. Size: 78cm x 49cm x 56cm

Made from high-quality steel with 2 double latched doors & an easy removable tray for cleaning. Folds flat for storage with easy, no tool assembly.

Available in 4 amazing colours: Green, Blue, Pink & Red.

Guidelines and Warnings:
• This product is for domestic animal use only.
• Choose the correct size crate for your pet. They should be able to sit, stand and turn around comfortably. Use our chart as a helpful guide.
• Keep pets safe and secure for short periods of time.
• Always remove pet before attempting to move the crate.
• It is recommended to regularly check this product for damage.
• Do not use if you notice any damage or loose parts.

Tips for crate training:
• Make your dog familiar with their new crate by not closing the door to begin with.
• Place their bed or blankets in the crate to make them feel comfortable and secure.
• Gradually start to close the door for short periods of time until your dog is familiarised with being enclosed.
• If you are crate training a puppy allow for regular chance to toilet (once or twice an hour).
• Make sure your dog has had sufficient exercise and stimulation before crating them for short periods of time or overnight.
• NEVER use your dogs crate as punishment or for extended periods of time.
• These helpful tips are intended as a guide only and do not replace professional advise.